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1595469195_maxresdefault.jpgAstral Projection Course | Free Preview

Astral Projection Course | Free Preview

This is a free preview of Episode 1 of our new course, Astral Projection. People have always wondered about astral projection…Is it real? Is it possible? How do you do it? If your curiosity has never been satisfied and you are interested in learning how to perform real astral projection, then this course is for […]
1594660084_maxresdefault.jpgThe Lesser Key of Solomon the King

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King

This video is about the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Lemegeton. It is a grimoire giving instructions on how to call the 72 spirits of the Goetia. For more information on the Church of Illuminism, visit https://illumin8.us/visit To become a member of the Church of Illuminism, visit https://illumin8.us/apply Like us on Facebook […]
1594124652_maxresdefault.jpgInfernal Necromancy

Infernal Necromancy

The object of Necromantic evocations was much the same as the other operations of the Grimoires. If the sorcerer of old, like the modern magician, had ever disposed the shade of Apollonius of its eternal rest, it would have been upon a question of finance. For more information on the Church of Illuminism, visit https://illumin8.us/visit […]


1593718961_maxresdefault.jpgUniversal Energy

Universal Energy

In this video, we discuss the findings of Paracelsus which included his discovery of hydrogen and nitrogen. He successfully developed methods for the administration of mercury in the treatment of certain diseases. He established a correlation between cretinism and endemic goiter, and introduced the use of mineral baths. The German philosopher Lessing is outspoken in […]
1593719185_maxresdefault.jpgEnergy | A Free Online Course

Energy | A Free Online Course

Welcome to this FREE ONLINE COURSE on Energy. This video is part of our Meditation Essentials Programming. This course will teach and explain in detail all about energy. It elaborates on the following contents: 1. What is energy? 2. Different energy centers in the body 3. How to preserve spiritual energy 4. Much more The […]
1593717667_maxresdefault.jpgThe Basics of Meditation Part Three

The Basics of Meditation Part Three

The purpose of meditation is to bring about change and to address our fundamental problems. Real meditation is based on facts, and focused on facts. Meditation is not really useful if it is just about beliefs and theories. Learn real meditation! For more information or to see the full versions of images presented in this […]

EVOLUTION REVOLUTION - The Official Podcast of Illuminism

1606546563_maxresdefault.jpgEvolution Revolution | Episode 12: Creation

Evolution Revolution | Episode 12: Creation

The most important question that was ever asked, and is still asked with anxiety and often with fear, is the same that was propounded thousands of years ago by the Egyptian Sphinx, who killed him that attempted to solve the riddle and did not succeed. Visit the Church of Illuminism’s Official Website at https://www.illuminism.us source […]
1603230090_maxresdefault.jpgEvolution Revolution | Episode 11: Transformations

Evolution Revolution | Episode 11: Transformations

The Universe is a manifestation of Divine Wisdom and thought is an action of Mind. The Mind in which Wisdom can bring an universe into existence must be an Universal Mind, embracing in its totality all the individual minds that ever existed, and containing the germs of everything that will ever come into existence. source […]
1599510943_maxresdefault.jpgEvolution Revolution | Episode 10: Unconsciousness

Evolution Revolution | Episode 10: Unconsciousness

Consciousness is knowledge and life, unconsciousness is ignorance and death. If we are conscious of the existence of a thing, we know that a relation exists between ourselves and that thing. If we become unconscious of its existence, neither we nor that object ceases to exist, but we fail to recognize its relation to us. […]
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